Memories of the Black Forest

Gunther came to the UK in the mid 70s. A German national, he had trained as a chef in Germany, Switzerland and France before coming to the UK.
Working as a chef at various Newcastle based hotels, he soon became dissatisfied with the standard of cooking and moved into hospitality management.
"Newcastle was a culinary dessert in those days", he says.

Working for Grand Metropolitan in a number of units in the North East, lecturing cooking at Ashington College, running the multi-award winning Black Gate restaurant in Newcastle for many years, he eventually moved on to Newcastle City Council as the Hospitality Manager looking after  which was then a flagship operation.

22 years on, Gunther now operates Memories of the Black Forest, featuring food from Germany and from time to time world food specialities.
He operates at Tynemouth Market most weekends, but also covers events and private functions.


He is demonstrating SPATZLE today…..a Schwabian noodle made by hand and predominantly consumed in the state of Baden Wurtembeg, Germany ,the Alsace region of France and Switzerland.

Gunther Seebacher
Memories of the Black Forest
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